Cool Nude Self-Shot Picture Reviews

nude self-shot pictures

A couple days ago I was looking for some cool nude self-shot pictures online. However a lot of the websites look trashy. The girls look like they’re from some third world country. Which is not always bad, however I still like the girl next door type.  So what I did was create a website that will review the top nudie sites online.

I will also be reviewing webcam girl websites as well. I love this new exposed selfie craze. Selfie pics are where hot girls take pictures while naked, and then post them online. The reason why this niche is so hot is because most people who love porn, love amateur porn the most. Gone are the days of the Hollywood made pornos.  I’m just like you. I use to spend hours watching those Hollywood pornos. But I always seem to love those amateur pornos. It’s something about those young pretty girls with real boobs that drives me wild! I also hate those girls who’re shaved. What happen to the bush??

So over the next couple weeks I will be reviewing a few websites that offer self-shot nude photos. I will be giving you my unbiased review on these top sites. The first thing I will be taking into consideration is how real are the photos? If the selfies look Hollywood made they will lose points. If the photos look like they were made by their boyfriends or themselves than they will receive major points!

If the chicks look like they have fake breast they will lose points. If they look like the girl next girl, they will receive bonus points. I will also be looking at the quality of the photos. The pictures have to be clear. If I can’t see a clear shot of the bush or the chicks face, than they will lose points.

I’m always looking for feedback, so if you find some sites that I haven’t listed, please let me know! Thanks and talk to you soon! Don’t forget to check out